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Mindfulness sessions to learn how to be purposefully present with compassion and acceptance.

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Mindfulness 10 Session Learning Protocol

In our mindfulness sessions, we will first learn some basic techniques to cultivate awareness of the present moment. These may include meditation, breathing, and movement, to access self-exploration and awareness. A wonderful benefit of mindfulness is that, once you learn a few basic techniques, you can practice it almost anywhere at almost any time.

The sessions will be 50 minutes long, with a typical series being 10 sessions. This will allow the participant to practice and strengthen their skills and ask questions along the way.

How does mindfulness help in daily life?

Mindfulness emphasizes awareness rather than judgment. How do you react in stressful situations? What  triggers feelings of anxiety or anger? To be mindful ultimately means to know yourself in an intimate but compassionate way. It allows you to step back, take a breath, and notice what you are thinking, feeling, and doing. In a sense, mindfulness creates a space between you, your thoughts, and your emotions. In that space, you can pause before taking the most beneficial action, which is sometimes inaction.

Mindfulness is an ongoing practice that you can use for life. A reasonable expectation from an active mindfulness practice is to be more centered and aware of yourself in any situation. Whether it be the happiest of times or a very stressful situation, a mindfulness practice can allow you to know yourself and be present and connected through every moment.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space,” wrote the renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. “In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Let’s choose freedom together.

If you have questions about Mindfulness sessions as a compliment to your counseling practice, please contact us at 804-277-9355 or intake@healthinmind.net.

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