Welcome to Our New Website!

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Health in Mind has grown these past couple of years, and we decided it was time for a new website that really captured who we are and what we hope to be for our patients. It is also the perfect canvas to share our new logo, another sign of our evolution, as well as our commitment to expand services and resources to support our patients and communities. We invite you to take a look around and get to know us!

Our Story

Health in Mind was founded in 2011 as a massage therapy company. DJ, along with a 2-person team of Certified Massage Therapists, provided on-site massage therapy in Richmond and surrounding areas. Learn more about our philosophy and approach to care!


Meet Our Team

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of care and thinking of relevant services that meet your needs. This begins from your first conversation with us where we’ll welcome you with warmth, compassion, and a spirit of solidarity.


Wellness Resources

In addition to partnering with patients in session, we also try to be a resource in between to ensure all have access to information and tools to achieve their goals. Explore our frequently asked questions, glossary of terms and some helpful wellness resources to set you on the path to improved mental health.


We’re Here to Help

Ready to take the next step on your journey to health and wellness?