Introducing Parent / Child Interaction Therapy

Child and Guardian playing with Toys in a PCIT sessionn

At Health in Mind we are always looking to expand our services to better meet the needs of our patients. A more recent addition to our portfolio is Parent / Child Interaction Therapy.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a treatment proven effective in helping children listen and behave better. By working as a team with the therapist, caregivers learn how to coach their child in a positive way that creates a secure relationship. This approach often leads to feelings of relief for parents as they enjoy getting along better and having fewer conflicts.

How might this look in action?

Significant improvement in sitting and engagement

At the start of treatment, a child struggled with sitting and playing with their parents, often leaving the table, hoarding toys, or even refusing to play. With consistent practice, the child was able to find safety and comfort in the play with the parent. And the parent recognized significant improvements in their child’s ability to sit and engage for longer periods of time, even outside of the session.

Improved core relationship between parent and child

In another case, parents were initially struggling to engage with their child. With practice and coaching, they learned to use warmth, an enthusiastic voice and safe physical touch (hugs and high fives) to communicate with their child and improve their core relationship. This shift helped to reduce the tension between them and offer a stronger foundation and connection before moving into the next phase focused on positive discipline.

Whatever your challenges, Health in Mind is here to help.

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