Family Sessions

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Joint sessions for loved ones who want to reduce conflict and improve communication.

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Could you benefit from family therapy?

  • Does your family have difficulty communicating?
  • Have family secrets and traumas prevented you from being closer with
    your siblings?
  • Do old arguments spring up every time you’re together?

Whatever the reasons for your family strain, family therapy can help!

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What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a unique opportunity for family members to meet together with a skilled and professional therapist to talk through issues creating stress, tension and distance. Families are an important source of support and love. When misunderstanding and disagreement goes unaddressed, frustration and tension pushes families apart. Our trained team will help your family explore your unique history and identify troublesome family dynamics to get you back on track. Siblings or parent and child dyads are welcome. If you and your family members are experiencing complicated family dynamics and feel they are impacting your ability to be loving to one another, then family therapy at Health in Mind might be right for you.

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