Couples Therapy

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Joint sessions to help you and your partner resolve underlying problems and increase intimacy.

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Could you benefit from couples therapy?

  • Are you and your partner having the same fights over and over?
  • Do you worry it might be too late to save your marriage?
  • Could you use some help thinking through important decisions like
    whether or not to have kids?
  • Do you and your partner have different hopes and desires for the future?
  • Are you struggling to heal after one of you lied or cheated?

Whatever your relationship needs, couples therapy can help!

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What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is joint counseling for you and your romantic partner. The therapist sees both partners together in order to facilitate healthy communication and to identify harmful patterns of relating in the relationship. Working together with a therapist will help both of you gain a deeper understanding of what the other is going through and to learn to share responsibility for your relationship. If you are experiencing confusion and tension in your relationship, are having issues related to sex, intimacy and fidelity, or would like to deepen your connection to your partner, couples therapy might be right for you.

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