Our Story

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Danielle Johnson talking with client

How we began

Health in Mind was founded in 2011 as a massage therapy company. DJ, along with a 2-person team of Certified Massage Therapists, provided on-site massage therapy in Richmond and surrounding areas. In 2013, she stepped away from massage therapy to further pursue a passion for mental health. Licensed as a Professional Counselor in 2014, it wasn’t long before affection for having Health in Mind resurface began to brew. Her passion for entrepreneurship hadn’t waned, and she was far more prepared for the endeavor. Since that time, and with tremendous support, she has worked tirelessly to grow Health in Mind into the company it is today.

Our mission

Our mission is twofold: To provide impactful services that heal communities. To provide balanced employment for our staff. We take both of these things seriously.

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A spirit of solidarity

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of care and thinking of relevant services that meet your needs. This begins from the time you enter our space. We’ll welcome you with warmth, compassion, and a spirit of solidarity. With a variety of offerings, from in person outpatient counseling, community/home based coaching, virtual counseling and group work, and workshops/retreats, etc., we believe that thorough assessment, care coordination, and a commitment to training and supervision are a large part of what makes our boutique operation successful. Our patients are inspired to reach their full potential through holistic wellness and with specific attention to healthy stress management.

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How important is communication and collaboration to helping our patients reach their full potential? It’s at the core of what we do.

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