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Our hope is that we are a supportive resource for our patients even when we aren’t together.

DJ Johnson Mindfulness

Explore mindfulness with DJ

"Mindfulness" can feel so hard to reach when stress is high. This video offers a simple breathing prompt that can help expand your purposeful breathing practice from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Man practicing mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a popular word these days and it has different meanings. Learn more about this important practice in this article.

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Getting a good night’s sleep

Adequate rest helps the body to process the events of the day, while preparing itself for the day ahead. Here are some tips for developing good sleep hygiene.

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What you eat matters

What’s on your plate? Food preparation is key. Here are some tips.

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Are your ships in shape?

Friendships, kinships, or situationships…. the health of your -ships can alleviate the impact of stress in your life. Are your -ships in good shape? Here are some signs.

Couple exercising in the park and looking energetic

Let’s get moving

Exercise is vital to life’s longevity. Here is more information to help you keep moving.

woman in yoga session

The importance of self care

Mental wellness is just an important as physical wellness.

Allison Mindfulness

Explore mindfulness with Allison

Listen to audio clips from Allison for abdominal breathing and body scan.

Charlis Harvey Mindfulness

Explore mindfulness with Charlis

Watch a video from Charlis with tips for mindfulness.