Living Beyond Anxiety Group

People laughing in group therapy

A mindful and body focused approach to anxiety management


Service description

Living Beyond Anxiety (LBA) is a wellness group which aims to grow ones understanding of anxiety as well as develop tools and skills for managing anxiety.

Our objective

To build belief in your ability to respond to anxiety and setbacks as you move through life. As a compliment to psychotherapy, the sessions build upon your knowledge and skills. This will ultimately allow you to focus more on the things that matter most and improve the quality of your wellbeing. You will be led through seven sessions in which topics such as mindfulness, cognitive defusion, and values will be unpacked- all from a mind and body perspective. The group is collaborative and open to all, yet subject to our pre-group interview to make sure its a good fit for you.

What does the material cover?

The LBA group will cover seven different topic areas over seven weeks ranging from the physical side of anxiety all the way through values and gratitude. Although not exhaustive, the group will cover some of the most impactful aspects of anxiety management. The aim will be to go deep with these concepts while keeping the material both practical and accessible. A specific list of the weekly topics can be found below.

  • Avoidance and coping mechanisms
  • Mindfulness and Cognitive Delusion
  • Self-Compassion
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Values
  • Gratitude


What can I expect from the group dynamic?

Each LBA cohort will be different as it will be comprised of new members. The chemistry and group culture will likely, and thankfully, take a form of its own. With that said, the leaders are interested in guiding the groups processing of the material and will place an emphasis on group support and encouragement.

Who are the leaders?

The leaders will vary each time LBA is offered. Once in LBA group is established, those leaders will continue on through the seven weeks. LBA leaders are Health in Mind employees, practicum students, and/or interns who have all had experience studying anxiety and have become familiar with the LBA material.

What if I can’t make a meeting?

Things come up and life happens. If you are to miss one of our LBA meetings, we ask that you reach out to a group leader to set up a time to go over the material separately. Because each week’s material builds on the previous, it’s important and helpful for group members to keep up with the rest of the group even when they aren’t able to make it to a meeting.

Cost: $140 ($20/session)
Location: Virtual